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  - Moulins-Yzeure (24 novembre 2003)
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  - Manifestations anti-CPE (Mars 2006)
  - Sommet de l’Union Européenne de Laeken (14 décembre 2001)
  - Sommet du G8 à Gênes en juillet 2001
  - Sommet européen de Thessalonique (Juin 2003)

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Sabotages & Actions Sabotages & Actions
Présentation de l'APAAPA ?
Publiée le 11 octobre 2005

- (2003) Six de Barcelone

- Sommet européen de Thessalonique (Juin 2003)

Freedom for the anarchists of Salonica and Barcelona

Last june 21st 2003, during the demonstrations againts the EU minister’s meeting in Salonica (Greece) Fernando and Carlos (anarchists of Burgos and Aranjuez), along with other 66 people were arrested. All of them were released with charges except the two spanish, 3 greeks, an english and a syrian comrade, that had to suffer a 5 month preventive imprisonment. Only after a hunger strike that lasted 54 days and a big international pressure their release was accomplished, even though the public prosecutor demands were kept. In those days the decision to start a hunger strike was the starting point of a big solidarity campaign, that ended with more arrests, that managed to spread on an international and quite effective way the situation that those 7 comrades were living. It’s clear that the State doesn’t forgive, and consequently, the attacks lived in Salonica against the bosses of the UE wasn’t going to get impunished. Next october 10th is the starting day of the first trial, of the process against the 68 comrades, in which, amongts others, Carlos is going to be judged. Fernando, along with other arrested ones, will be judged later on. The public prosecutor demands can oscilate between a minimum of 5 years for the lightest accusations(that of the majority of the 68) and a maximum of 20 years for the heavier ones. Due to that, we make a call to all sensible individuals against injustices to support those comrades that are in danger for having rebelled againts the rule of State-Capital in all its forms.

The impact that the hunger strike had on the so called "public opinion" was also, in good measure, responsible for the release of the 7. We won’t be begging for microphones, the same ones that between life and death battled to talk with our brothers when months ago were calling terrorists to all people that were confronting the democratic sticks in the streets of Salonica. At the same time, the leftist scum, amidst the hunger strike, and when they had a benefit to get, were hurried to spread the situation of our comrades, distorting tha causes that led to their imprisonment. What wasn’t ready to sell in June (the riots in Salonica) was perfectly defendible during Fall (defense of "martyrs", victimization...)

We will continue the fight of our brothers and invite you to do the same. Let’s end this rule without mediators, without fakers.


The campaign of international solidarity for the arrested comrades in Salonica didn’t feel good to the Capital-State, and its consequences were, this time, suffered in Spain, were several arrests of anarchist comrades were made to try to stop the international pressure.

At september 16th 2003, the Guardia Civil enter in 4 appartments in Barcelona, and arrests, tortures and imprisons 6 people, with another one still under international "search and capture". They’re driven to the Audiencia Nacional, being applied counter-terrorist law. After 5 hellish days one of them is freed with charges. The other 5 are spread to differente prisons. the accusations are many, some of them related to attacks to greek interests during the solidarity campaign of the Salonica comrades.

After 14 months in prison, one of this comrades is released on bail. Now, 2 years after that, the judge that carries the case extends preventive prison two more years of the 4 still imprisoned, and all of them still waiting for the trial. While the case of Salonica raised a big solidarity campaign, that was partly recuperated by left-wing scum (cause they could get benefits of it), the 6 of Barcelona are forgotten, even for the majority of the anarchist movement, that hasn’t even tried to get information on that. And that’s because the Barcelona comrades and its fight can’t be recuperated or sold, they can’t make them appear as "poor and idealist NGO’s members" (as was tried with the comrades in Greece) ; but their fight is the same as the one of the Salonca ones, the same as ours, and that makes us not understand the lack of support. Since the beginning they assumed the consequences of their actions and never complained about State’s abuses, since we can’t expect nothing else from State.

To let fall into oblivion the Barcelona comrades, apart from being an insult to them, is also an insult to the repressed people of Salonica (since we cleared that their fight is the same) and also happens to create a false distinction between "good and bad rebels" that only benefits State and its left-wing. Left-wing hypocrites that tried to "help" the Salonica people but that is the same left-wing that drived them to that situation, since it was them that was in Greece’s government in the time of the arrests, and the same that revolutionary solidarity had to put on its knees.

To solidarize and support the struggle of Salonica leads inevitably to solidarize with the Barcelona ones, Valencia, Italy, Germany and

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