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Présentation de l'APAAPA ?
Publiée le 20 avril 2005

- Basque

Action against persecution of Basque youth in London

Two activists displayed a banner on behalf of the Basque Youth in Buckingham Palace. The banner refers to the on- going trial of young people who were members of the Basque separatist youth organization Jarrai/Segi/Haika.

Two of them had climbed the palace fence and chained to it. The banner read : ’Basque Younth deffending civil and political rights’ . The metropolitan police arrested the two chained to the door within 15 minutes and the other two only when they went down of the gate by themselves.

Protests in Ireland in solidarity with banned Basque Youth movement

Author : Ireland Description : From the newswire : (Ireland, 12th March 2005) Forty people in Dublin, sixty in Belfast, fifteen in Galway and twen ty in Derry gathered to express their solidarity with 42 Basque Youth activists of the Basque pro- independence left youth organizations Jarrai, Haika and Segi and who have been brought to courts in Madrid for a show trial and who are facing a total of 654 years in prison for their political work defending Basque youth rights and Basque Country’s right to self-determination. The judge and the state prosecution allege that "these organizations are all ETA". (Ireland, 12th March 2005) Forty people in Dublin, sixty in Belfast, fifteen in Galway and twenty in Derry gathered to express their solidarity with 42 Basque Youth activists of the Basque pro- independence left youth organizations Jarrai, Haika and Segi and who have been brought to courts in Madrid for a show trial and who are facing a total of 654 years in prison for their political work defending Basque youth rights and Basque Country’s right to self-determination. The judge and the state prosecution allege that "these organi zations are all ETA". Trials against the political party Batasuna, two anti-repression organizations, two newspapers, one magazine, a publishing house, etc. are to follow. All these organizations and media have been banned in the last 7 years. Judge Garzon became famous worldwide for his attempt to extradite Chile’s former dictator Augusto Pinochet from London to Spain a few years ago, but he looks elsewhere when Basque detainees are brought in front of him covered in bruises or with signs of deep psychological shock after the customary five day incommunicado period of interrogation (4 Basque detainees have died in police custody since Spanish "democracy" began). In the last 7 years Judge Garzon has been dismantling various nationalist left organizations and Basque media, arguing that at the end of the day they are all ETA. He has arrested and put in jail some 200 people. No matter how little evidence he has to support his comprehensive theories, the trial had to begin last month, s ince under Spanish law the authorities can hold a prisoner on remand for up to four years. In fact, nine of the accused youths had to be released from jail last Friday, for they completed their remand period without being tried. They are now awaiting the result of this show trial together with another 33 youths. They are all accused of belonging to their respective youth organizations, which the judge argues are part of ETA. They could get up to 654 years in total. Since freedom of association was finally recognized by the Spanish state in the late seventies after dictatorship, the Basque nationalist left youth organization Jarrai and its successors Haika and Segi have been working for better conditions for the youth, for promoting alternative ways of life like the Gaztetxes (self-managed centres for the youth), against conscription, etc. This is not a criminal case but a political one where the accusations are collective, not based on individual acts. By Judge Garzon’s standards tens of thousands of Basque people could be imprisoned any time. So far he has got some of the more determined and committed to achieve a free Basque Country. Ironically, some of those 200 people to be tried in the near future have publicly criticized ETA through the years. In Belfast, the spokeswoman for the campaign asked for international support to stop the Spanish ad French States ferocious repression against Basque civil and political rights activists and Basque left wing pro-independence movement. At the same time she denounced the silence of the Irish government and the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern during the time that Ireland held the European Union Presidency last year. The EU should not support such illegal and antidemocratic policies within the union but it should rather help to initiate a peace process in the Basque Country aimed to bring justice and freedom. These protests were coordinated by the Irish Basque Committees- Coistí na mBascach-Éireannach and Ógra Shinn Féin and supported by numerous people and groups like ex- republican political prisoners, Belfast Socialist Youth and Irish Republican Socialist Party. We want to thank everybody for coming along. The solidarity campaign will keep going strong for the next few weeks with more events. These issues are of concern to anyone who stands for human rights such as freedom of organization and __expression. Anybody who wants to join the campaign can contact us through :

Berlin : "end with the repression against the baskische youth" Euskal Herria askatu !

On the occasion of the trial beginning against members of the baskischen youth organization SEGI explains Christoph grumble, the citizen of Berlin national speaker of the Party of Democratic Socialismnear youth organization [ `solid ] - the socialist youth : the process began last Monday, against 42 members of the socialist baskischen youth organization SEGI. Altogether the public prosecutor’s off ice demands 625 years detention for the accused, whereby the principal defendant is to disappear alone 120 years behind Spanish curtains. The only crime which to them to the load is put is the political cooperation in this youth organization forbidden meanwhile. To the load is put in addition to the principal defendant, he is responsible for two-week road battles in the entire Basque country, which broke out after the prohibition of the organization. This absurd reproach is justified with the fact that it expressed itself after its arrest on a press conference against the prohibition of the SEGI openly.

By this argumentation of the public prosecutor’s office it becomes clear that it concerns with the process an open attack on all politically working humans in the Basque country and is the socialist movement, which has a large anchorage in the population to be switched off. We are for a critical discussion over the socialist movement in the Basque country. To be created t o prepare however it is a public our task as socialist youth federation these processes to be brought up for discussion and around this repression an end.

The fact that this process is not an individual case and not is limited on Spain, shows us the events of the last years. In Magdeburg against three young people because of education of a combination of terror was determined, whereby large parts of the anti-fascists structures in the otherwise brown Magdeburg were destroyed. That the reproaches designed and on the hair had here-pulled, remained however for the broad public hidden. We demand therefore, the release of all political prisoners and an open procedure against national repression attempts, on it aim at left movements to weaken and destroy in Germany, Europe and everywhere !

the socialist youth LV Berlin

London : hunger strike is held in solidarity with the Basque prisoners and Inigo Makazaga

There, 10 people who are helding a hunger strike on behalf of Inigo Makazaga and Basque prisoners were there too togetehr with Inigo’s mother and friends and many other sympathisers.

The hunger strike is held in solidarity with the Basque prisoners and Inigo Makazaga, a Basque held in London’d high security prison of Belmarsh, whom are in hunger strike since the 15th March.

The Basque Political Prisoners collective are holding the hunger strike in order to both denounce their treatment and also to reclaim their right to take part in the peace process.

Inigo Makazaga is a Basque young man (26) awaiting for extradition. he has been kept like this for four years despite his charges have been dropped.

Basque Campaign (London solidarity group on behalf of Inigo and the Basque Country) has organized also symbolic lock out for this weekend 18th -20th March at Rampart social centre (Rampart Street). Other solidarity groups th rough out England will be also taking part in the two day long feast, where different activities such as talks, video screenings ...will be held.

Free Inigo ! Free all the basque prisoners ! Free all political prisoners !

Portugal : protest outside the spanish embassy

After the protest in London, other protests are happenning in other countries. In this case, this is the photo of the protest outside the Spanish embassy of Lisbon.

Basque sympathisers protested for the banning of Batasuna from participating in next elections. (from Euskal Herria Indymedia : See also :

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