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Présentation de l'APAAPA ?
Publiée le 17 octobre 2003

- Individus

Xose Tarrío imprisoned again

Xose Tarrio imprisoned again

From Coruña, Spain, the sad news reaches us that Xose Tarrio González is staying again behind the bars of a prison.

At this moment we don’t have more information, we’re waiting for an official declaration, we only know that last Saturday he was arrested and locked up in module 12 of the prison of Teixeiro.

Xosé was only 5 months ago free again ; on May, 16 he was released from prison after more then 15 years of imprisonment, of struggle, of solidarity and of dreaming from anarchy. Finally, because of the struggle he waged inside, and his comrades outside, he could regain his freedom because of the decision of the authorities to reduce his many sentences to one of 20 years, of which he completed ¾ and thus could be liberated.

Again a prisoner in the prison of Teixeiro (A Coruña), he now needs more than ever our support. You can write him :

Xosé Tarrio González, Modulo 12, C.P. TEIXEIRO, Ctra Paradela s/n, 15310 Curtis (A Corunha), Spain


Xosé Tarrio González was born in A Coruña in 1968, grew up in a working class neighbourhood. Very young he was already put under the tutelage of the State, because his family had to migrate abroad to work in order to survive. Xosé stays in institutions, must earn his own living from a very early age, and revolts against the inequalities and injustices. At the age of 13 he ends up in prison for a theft. From then on, a long history of struggle begins which keeps him in prison till today.

Xosé did spend more than 15 years in the gaols of the Spanish State. All this time, he fought with dignity and determination against the most horrible tortures and means of oppression that this so called “modern and democratic” State uses against all those who raise their voice against the most visible injustices and means of control and repression. He was part of the most active and combatant groups of struggle and resistance within the prisons. From within he fought against torture, against the abuses and all the injustices that the prison system generates, against its methods of repression, and against all forms of power and authority. Because of this Xosé was subjected to the worst kind of physical and mental torture, but he always kept his determination, his dignity and his libertarian ideas.

Xosé became together with other prisoners a “guinea pig” for the illegal F.I.E.S. (Ficheros Internos de Especial Seguimiento) system. He underwent these cruel treatments ; isolation, torture and uncountable methods of repression, comparable with those which are applied in the American prisons.

Xosé is the author of the book "Huye hombre Huye" ; an inexorable critique of the dehumanisation which prison causes and at the same time an autobiography which expresses his great involvement with and dedication to the cause of anarchism and the freedom of mankind.

(hint for translators : Xosé Tarrio González : “Huye, hombre, huye. Diario de un preso FIES”, Virus editorial, 360p.,1997.)


Latest news :

According to a communique just released today by ABC/CNA Galiza, Xosé Tarrio was arrested last week, wednesday 8, and has been charged with several thefts. Xosé Tarrio was actively involved with the campaign for Amanda and Edu, worked with the CNA, and was given lectures to speak about his prison experiences (he was f.e. going to speak at the anarchist bookfair in Madrid), but it must be said also, says the communiquee, that the last weeks he let himself go bit, encountered some disappointments, had problems to find his place in this society which locked him up for almost 16 years...

Sources : ABC Gent
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