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Présentation de l'APAAPA ?
Publiée le 1er avril 2006

- Environnementalistes

Earth Liberation Front struck in Salem.

Jeff “Free” Luers Prison Dispatch, March 2006 > > > Earlier this month, the Earth Liberation Front struck in Salem, Oregon. >I doubt many people outside of Oregon heard about this action. However, in >Oregon it was a hot news topic for days. > > What kind of daring action could garner such media attention ? The words >"Stop building ant farms, ELF" spray-painted on a new housing development. > > The first headlines were "Eco-terrorists strike again". Then the >speculations came. Was this an act of hardened terrorists or was it a >prank ? The debate went on. The police didn’t know. The media could only >guess. > > The only thing that remained concrete was those three red letters : >E-L-F. The difference came in how it was discussed. The media said "the >police are unsure whether this is the work of teenage vandals or seasoned >terrorists. If it was vandals they will be charged with criminal mischief. >However, if it turns out the graffiti was actually done by terrorists they >will be charged with federal anti-terrorist laws." > > The "crime" remains the same but if it was committed for political >reasons the punishment is much worse. > > Recently, 3 college students were arrested in Alabama for the arson of >half a dozen churches, for more than a week. The fires made national >headlines. In some places burning a church is chargeable as a hate crime. > > The three stated it was a prank that got out of control and all three >were released on $50,000 bail. > > Daniel McGowan, on the other hand, who was charged in two ELF related >arsons, was only released after posting $1.6 million bail. > > This is what a police state looks like, when laws are passed punishing >protest more severely than social crime ; when a person can be labeled a >terrorist instead of a dissident ; when the media uses the same language as >the rulers without question ; when allegiance to ones country means >subservience to its rulers. > >  > > I am a warrior. I have never denied what or who I am. I have engaged in >actions contrary to the laws of the United States. However, before I ever >participated in illegal actions I employed every legal method available to >invoke change. > > I have met with business leaders, mayors, and members of congress. I >have had these people lie right in my face or tell me they were powerless >to do anything. I have seen corporate interests trump public interests time >and time again with government support. > > When people have no say in how they are ruled or what actions are taken >on their behalf, they are not free. It is not freedom to choose your rulers >if the method of rule remains the same. It is not freedom when your >community lives in poverty, polluted by toxic and chemical waste and >subject to abject police brutality, while your leaders and bosses live like >royalty. It is not freedom when social order is maintained through fear and >manipulation. > > In the face of such truths it becomes the duty of all able bodied men & >women to resist. It may be illegal but it is not wrong to fight injustice. >It is not wrong to challenge corporate arrogance. It is not wrong to resort >to force when diplomacy fails. > >  > > For years I and other earth liberation prisoners have received your >support. There have been letter-writing campaigns, fundraisers, protests, >direct actions and international days of solidarity. I am honored and >thankful for your love and support. > > Each of us know and believe our struggle is a legitimate one. We have a >right to clean air, water, and land. We have a right to rein in corporate >and government practices furthering climate change. We have a right to >resist oppression. > > However, if we are to succeed our struggle must be recognized as being >legitimate in the eyes of the world. Our resistance must be recognized as >necessary. > > One of the first steps in accomplishing that is by demanding recognition >of political status for our prisoners. All incarcerated and accused members >of the Earth Liberation Front and other earth liberation prisoners are >political prisoners. Our actions that brought us to prison are political in >nature. Our trials are about our politics. Our sentences are increased >because of our political motives. > > We need you to help us demand political status ; by writing and calling >politicians, newspapers, and other media and demanding recognition ; by >reaching beyond our borders to international organizations like Amnesty >International and other human rights organizations, as well as the United >Nations and other governments. > > The state says people like me are terrorists. They use the label to >instill fear and justify their repression. Only you can change that. > > Jeffrey “Free” Luers > March 2006 > > > Write to : > > Jeff Luers > #13797671 > Oregon State Prison > 2605 State Street > Salem, Oregon 97310 > USA > > For more information : > >

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