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Présentation de l'APAAPA ?
Publiée le 20 février 2006

- (2006) Opération du 9 Février

Texte et actions de solidarité - En Anglais

1- Leaflet + solidairity account number

2- International solidarity actions

3- Spanish solidarity actions



Solidarity with Ruben and Ignasi. Free anarchist prisoners !

We suffered yet another repressive act. Our comrades Ruben and Ignasi were kidnapped during the morning of february 9th by catalan police "mossos d’esquadra" and court number 13 of Barcelona. They’re accused of two sabotage actions (one against CIRE, which is the public enterprise that controls work inside prison, and the other one Banco Sabadell, one of the accusation enterprises against Sergio L.D., the only remaining person facing trials for riots on the EU meeting in 2002 in Barcelona) and also referred as being part of anti-prison and prisoner support groups. Their solidarity and political activism outside the boundaries of the pseudo-fights allowed and enforced by democracy have fallen under the repressive set of laws ("zero tolerance" some politicians ask) that is trying to turn Barcelona into a new kind of fascist city with a progressive face.

Now Ruben and Ignasi are held at prisons not far away from the city of Barcelona. These first days are tough because it’s extremely difficult to get to know some information of where they are or how they feel. This is taking lots of time and energy (guess that’s precisely the point of bureaucracy !), but we feel it’s important that they know (and that we ourselves know) that we’re still here, that life goes on and so does our libertarian fight !

Solidarity is needed from any people that feel the slightest need to face this repressive society which leads us to extreme and emergency situations.

Marginality is not our home, it pretends to be our prison. What is really ours is the social feeling that leads us to fight and live our lives as freedom expansions towards all social environments. We cannot think of our comrade’s kidnapping without thinking of all the abuses society is suffering and/or enforcing.

The judge is made look as an honorable and respectable person that carries an important social task. Police, nicely provocative and violent is seen as protector of security and freedom. Abuses of immigrants are seen as something necessary to maintain social peace. Destruction of the earth, of the neighborhoods, of our living places and our own liberated spaces... is justified in the name of progress and social welfare.

Meanwhile they hide the economic benefits of banks, building estates and political parasites. "Worker’s regulations" and ongoing worsening of their rights precarizes labour’s conditions, squeezing restlessly all those people who have to work in order to survive. Banks announcement of their highest benefits ever last year are due to this exploitations and the huge debts acquired by lots of people trapped into a society based on cosumerism and private property. The "good citizenship" set of laws, which are publicised as ideal ways of social behavior is simply about more control, more repression and more isolation against those people that, due to their vulnerability, are easily pointed at and abused by state’s institutions ; the same is done to political dissidence that don’t have access to (or don’t want to be at) the "show windows" of what is becoming a huge "city of design"

The increasing numbers of police forces is an answer to the distrust of those in power towards society as a whole ; they know what they’re doing is absolutely unjust, but they also know they have lots of reasons to do that : their wealth and privileges are to be maintained at any cost. They know that.

Ruben and Ignasi are not alone in prison, we’re not alone in marginality, those imprisoned at the riots of Sant Pere Mes Baix street are not alone, neither the anarchists arrested in September 2003 that will face very long sentences, neither any person isolated at police stations, the immigrants, the people from the hoods will not be left alone...cause here we are, here we have a thousand reasons to keep fighting.




International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

IBAN ES33 0182-4209-47-0201518073



2-International solidarity actions

a) On february 15th, around 11:30 AM, an office of the spanish consulate in Marseille was occupied, on 28 Eduardo Delanglade street. While the occupation lasted many faxes were sent to the Home Office, newspapers and also many phone calls were done.

Fax text :

In Spain there is torture as in medieval China

On january 31st 2006, the public prosecutor asks for 5 to 113 years imprisonment for the anarchist comrades arrested in september 2003. 4 of them have already spent 2 and a half years imprisoned without trial. On february 2nd, 7 people are arrested after a injustified police intervention on a private party, where a local police officer is severely wounded in the head due to the violence situation provoked by the same police forces. Two of them were imprisoned at an hospital were they were gone due to a bike accident that they had on a totally different area. Three people are imprisoned with charges of "homicide attempt".

On february 9th, catalan police "mossos d’esquadra" made a raid where three people are arrested, accusing them of incendiary sabotages. After one day, one of the guys is freed with charges, and the other two are sent to "la Modelo" on preventive prison (later they were transferred to two prisons near Barcelona)

One policeman in coma due to their own brutality is only a small consquence of what happens when they apply a set of laws which refers to people as garbage to be taken out of the streets. You call us to civility when you apply zero tolerance ? Well, no !

We also want a piece of the cake, so we’re demanding the immediate liberation of all the arrested, and basing ourselves in the same laws, we ask for death sentence to all the "mossos d’esquadra" and shoes to be made with their sons, so we can walk over the degenerated genes of the mutant beings that are the catalan police forces.

If we’ve something in common is the ability to become intolerant !

b)Action in Lisbon

About the things happened last week in Barcelona.

Active solidarity with the arrested people on 4th and 9th february. Against the terrorist state and multinational corporations that back them.

We decided to attack who represents spanish capitalist system that tries to sell us their uniformity.

In this case, we left some information and made some damages at a Zara shop (fashion chain stores)

We demand the immediate release of the arrested and the end of harassment and prosecutions.

3- Spanish solidarity actions

1.. Solidarity campaign in Andalusia

After getting to know about the affairs of Barcelona, once again solidarity is necessary, smashing walls and borders.

In Andalusia we’re starting a solidarity campaign with the repressed comrades and so make our support screams as well as our most vigorous rejection to state’s watching dogs. It has been a long time since state systematicly attacks the anarchist movements, and this makes us aware that the flowers planted by our comrades are growing and blooming. State fears us, knows we’re right and even though they repress us the way they do, our screams of freedom will rise.

Our comrades are not alone ! Active solidarity ! Down with the walls, mental or physical !

b) Demonstration in Bilbao

c)Leaflets given out in Madrid

d) Proposal of joint actions for the freedom of Ruben and Ignasi

As you will know, on february 9th three comrades were arrested (one freed with charges the day after) accused of a couple of sabotages. Up today, they are held in preventive prison without much of evidences. We feel it necessary to give a strong and united answer. The libertarian movements, fragmented and in some ways without a direction and a bit disorientated (we have to recognise that) has many problems setting up real and strong campaigns to give visibility to these cases.

We believe it necessary to polish up differences between us and start to work together on common grounds : solidarity with prisoners has to be one of these grounds, fundamental and prioritary.

We think that to carry on this counter-repressive work it is necessary to socialize the situations of our comrades and the general prison system and social control techniques by means of visible action.

That’s because we suggest friday february 24th (and during all weekend) were all protest actions, visibilization and attack for the freedom of Ruben and Ignasi and in solidarity with the rest of anarchist prisoners. Wherever it is possible to set up informative meetings at schools, universities or in your neighborhoods, pickets at sqaures and courts all over the state, posters, banners, traffic blockings... we all can support in many ways depending on our context and abilities.

It’s time to self-organise !

e) 2 traffic blockings on monday february 20th

Some people have blocked traffic this morning the Sants street (corner Olzinelles) to protest against the imprisonment of Ruben and Ignasi. During the action, which has become in lots of traffic problems (it was rush hour), two banners were raised "Freedom for Ignasi and Ruben, arrested and imprisoned on february 9th" and leaflets were handed out to the people walking down the streets.

Another traffic/blocking action was held in the crossing of Pau Claris and Diputacio streets, on the city center.

f) A poster has been made in catalan, spanish and english which contains almost the same text as the leaflet "A thousand reasons to keep fighting" Here is the low-resolution .gif

If someone wishes to print it, please write to and ask us for the .pdf on (in A3 format, around 6 MB), ready to print !

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