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Premier communiqué de la SLA pour l’assassinat de Marcus Foster (Novembre 1973)




Communiqué No. 1

Subject : The Board of Education

The Implementation of the Internal Warfare Identification Computer System Warrant Order : Execution by Cyanide Bullets

Date : November 6, 1973

Warrant Issued By : The Court of the People

Charges : Supporting and taking part in the forming and implementation of a Political Police Force operating within the Schools of the People

Supporting and taking part in the forming and implementation of Bio-Dossiers through the Forced Youth Identification Program

Supporting and taking part in the building of composite files for the Internal Warfare Identification Computer System

Target : Dr. Marcus A. Foster, Superintendent of Schools, Oakland, California Robert Blackburn, Deputy Superintendent, Oakland, California

On the afore stated date, elements of The United Federated Forces of The S.L.A. did attack the Fascist Board of Education, Oakland, California, through the person Dr. Marcus A. Foster, Superintendent of Schools, and Robert Blackburn, Deputy Superintendent.

This attack is to serve notice on the Board of Education and its fascist elements that they have come to the attention of The S.L.A. and The Court of the People and have been found guilty of supporting and taking part in crimes committed against the children and the life of the people.

This attack is also to serve notice on the Board of Education and its fascist supporters that The Court of the People have issued a Death Warrant on All Members and Supporters of the Internal Warfare Identification Computer System. This SHOOT ON SIGHT order will stay in effect until such time as ALL POLITICAL POLICE ARE REMOVED FROM OUR SCHOOLS AND ALL PHOTO AND OTHER FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION ARE STOPPED.

Indictment :

No.1 :

The Board of Education has taken upon itself the role of forming and supporting a Special Political Police Force to occupy and patrol the schools in our cities. The vast Black, Chicano, Asian and conscious White youth communities of the Oakland-Berkeley area understand that this newest extension of police surveillance is patterned after fascist Amerikan tactics of genocide, murder and imprisonment practiced by Amerikan financed puppet governments in Vietnam, The Philippines, Chile and South Africa. We recognize that the school system censors and controls what we read, and that the Special Political Police Force is to censor and control what we say and do.

No.2 :

The Board of Education has taken upon itself the role of forming and supporting the implementation of Bio-Dossiers through the Forced Youth Identification Program. The Photo Identification Program, with the addition of composite files, is patterned after the system of apartheid in South Africa. The Bio-Dossiers classify our youth according to color and "criminal tendencies" (will to be free) and seek to eliminate all our valiant freedom fighters by "relocating" (incarcerating) them to such concentration camps as Tehachapi Prison. Under the Preventative Crime Act such concentration camps have the authority to incarcerate our youth from the age of 15 for an "indefinite" period of time. The Preventative Crime Act stipulates that any youth displaying violent or "criminal" potential or the possibility of violent or "criminal" potential in the future, in other words, any youth who oppose the current system of censored Political Police-State education and seek to organize against it are to be classified as dangerous and either disarmed, shot or imprisoned for expressing their rights to be free, and defending the rights to freedom of their fellow brothers and sisters.

No.3 :

The Board of Education has taken upon itself the role of supporting and taking part in the implementation of the Internal Warfare Identification Computer System. The Internal Warfare Tapes are based in the FBI’s master computer system. Each state is required to feed this main computer system with information from the composite files of individuals who have expressed political views that may be regarded as differing from those of the fascist ruling class. Members of liberation movements and organizations, as well as single individuals, are identified through photographs and bio-dossiers supplied, in the case of our youth, by the Boards of Education and Public School Systems in our cities. The racist nature of the Internal Warfare Identification Computer System is clear since blacks and other minorities who refuse to serve the rich ruling class are automatically classified as potentially violent and "criminal." The CIA-ITT financed junto government in Chile uses similar bio-dossiers to murder all identified people who oppose the military takeover there or who do not serve and support the interests of the wealthy. Similar programs are carried out by governments financed by Amerika and its military corporate enterprises throughout the world in the lands of the robbed ; Vietnam, The Philippines, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa are some prime examples.

The Black, Chicano, Asian and conscious White youth in our communities recognize the importance of the Oakland-Berkeley area to the liberation struggle of all oppressed people. We know that the ruling class must seek to stop the revolutionary community here before the ruling class can regain its arm of control around the struggling and oppressed people of the world.

We understand that the definition of a fascist government necessitates the elimination of all who oppose its controls. We know that the school system does not educate us, but rather it lies to us in an attempt to perpetuate the interests of the rich ruling class. News of the successful liberation struggles of our brothers and sisters throughout the world is stifled because the enemy fears our knowledge of the fact that a truly determined people can never be defeated. We reject totally the ruling class values of personal material gain and competition among ourselves and we know that the enemy fears our understanding of the fact that nothing is more precious than freedom. The myth of a high-style superfly life and fashion show (a capitalist rip-off) does not sway us for we know that the fascist government of Amerika supplies the dope and the clothes and wants us to spend the rest of our lives paying for them. We are well aware that a fascist government will always allow some of us to get high, while the rest of us go to concentration camps, and none of us are free.

It is clear that Dr. Foster and sideman, deputy superintendent Robert Blackburn, represent the rich ruling class and big business, and not the children and youth of our communities. The school system which they represent and serve does not teach us or address itself to the needs of our survival, but rather it does perpetuate the values of big business and the wealthy. Under the current system, the ruling class is educated to exploit, and our children and youth are educated to serve. We are not deceived by the superintendent and deputy. Robert Blackburn is a former director of education for the Peace Corps in East Africa. The Peace Corps, as well as AID, are promoted and financed as a front for the CIA, and have long been arms of Amerikan imperialist and racist oppression and genocide. Dr. Foster is a former member of the Philadelphia Crime Commission and now his advancement within the fascist process found him as initiator, promoter and supporter of Political Police Units, armed with riot shotguns. to patrol our schools,

The Oakland-Berkeley area is considered potentially dangerous to the Amerikan ruling class, that is why it has been selected for the Political Police Force Within the Schools and the Forced Youth Identification Program. Let it be known to those who sign for the implementation of these fascist programs, that the death of our manchild comrade youth, 14-year-old Tyrone Guyton, murdered on November 1st by three goons from the Emeryville Political Police Patrol is NOT FORGOTTEN. Tyrone fell victim to the racist enemy who is instituting programs such as those initiated by Marcus Foster and Robert Blackburn aimed at the control, imprisonment, execution and genocide of blacks and other minorities. Let it be known to those who sign for the implementation of these fascist programs that they sign their own death warrants. We of the black and other revolutionary youth communities have for too long seen the enemy prostitute our mothers, imprison our fathers, shoot our brothers and sterilize our sisters. We have learned from these lessons ; therefore notice is hereby served on the enemy political police state and all its lackeys that we hold as an example to follow the courage of our slain comrade-in-arms Jonathan Jackson and we call upon our mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers saying TO THOSE WHO WOULD BEAR THE HOPES AND FUTURE OF OUR PEOPLE, LET THE VOICE OF THEIR GUNS EXPRESS THE WORDS OF FREEDOM.



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