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Revendication de l’Organisation Révolutionnaire du 17 Novembre (4 juillet 1994) - En Anglais

Revolutionary Organization November 17th

Commando Theofilos Georgiadis

Statement Concerning The Attack On The Turkish Diplomat O.H.Sivahioglu

Athens - July 4, 1994

Even those people who only sporadically follow the events taking place in the former Yugoslavia, as reported in the Western media, must surely have noticed that a new technical term, designed for characterizing major crimes, has come into being, one which far surpasses all previous ones. A term, decorated with all the necessary hair-splitting differentials, be they factual, or alleged, or one-sided ; the very mention of this term creates a storm of protest in the Western media against those to be held responsible. What we are talking about is national purification or ethnic cleansing : The use of armed force by one nation against another - who just happened to be a minority population living in the same geographic location - with the aim of driving that people out of the shared homeland, either through physical extermination or through the forced necessity of having to vacate the area. And so we have observed the Western media, which is so fundamentally determined to be watchful of international law as well as the rights of minorities ; and we have also seen Western public opinion, which watches Western media with religious devotion, cry out in righteous anger for NATO forces to make a "humanitarian" intervention, or for air strikes to be called in against "Serbian criminals", who are the ones responsible for the "ethnic cleansing" against the Moslems in Bosnia.

But they ignore the fact that what they are accusing the Serbs of are exactly the same things which Croatians and Moslems did against Serbs in Bosnia. We watched as a strict economic embargo was enacted against Serbia as punishment for the "ethnic cleansing" in Bosnia. We saw ultimatums, threats of attack, and air strikes be called off at just the last minute. And while all this was taking place in Bosnia, the same thing has been going on for 20 years in another place, not so far away, this same crime of "ethnic cleansing", although this hasn’t bothered anyone in the West up until now. Everything which is being carried out on Cyprus by Turkish imperialism against the Greek Cypriots certainly fits with the definition of "ethnic cleansing".


In 1974, military intervention. The occupation of 1/3 of the territory of Cyprus and the physical destruction of 2,000 Cypriots. 200,000 Greek Cypriots were driven by the Turkish minority, who make up just 18% of the island’s population, to settle on the northern part of the island. The settlement of 30,000 colonists from Turkey on Cyprus in order to change the balance of the population. The stationing of strong Turkish military forces in the occupied portions of Cyprus, thus making Greek Cypriots either hostages or on-call refugees. The West, unlike in Bosnia, took no measures to counter-act this obvious crime of "ethnic cleansing" which Turkish imperialism was committing against the Greek Cypriots. Neither an economic embargo against Turkey, nor an ultimatum demanding the withdrawal of Turkish military forces from Cyprus, let alone a military attack. How can something like that be the case, when every Greek knows that this crime was carried out with the moral, economic, and military support of the USA and the other Western European powers, in so far as they contributed to Turkey’s military build-up and let Turkey act as this region’s policeman. Parallel to this, they are contributing to another crime of "ethnic cleansing" by Turkish militarism in Turkey itself today, namely in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan.The Turkish armed forces are waging an open war against the partisans of the National Liberation Front of Kurdistan, which is struggling for the sacred right of self-determination - a right which is guaranteed in the Sevres Accord of 1920, but which the Armenians, who did not resist, lost - and more and more often the Turkish armed forces are employing a "scorched earth" strategy. Hundreds of Kurdish villages have been systematically burned and destroyed, and their occupants either physically exterminated or violently forced to flee into Iraqi Kurdistan ; and all of this, as in Cyprus, has as its aim the alteration of the population balance in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan. This "ethnic cleansing", which has drastically increased in intensity recently and which is now bordering on genocide, does not interest people in the West, although now a few scattered voices are starting to ask questions about the suppression of "human rights" in Turkey. And now, the scandal of the West’s silence has taken on a tragic-comedic character, as the West is now calling for the Turkish military forces to help aid Bosnia - peace keeping troops in blue UN helmets. In other words, the same military forces that are carrying out "ethnic cleansing" on Cyprus and in Kurdistan.This one example by itself clearly illustrates the extent of the collapse, the ruin, the spoil, and the political bankruptcy of the present-day praxis of the major Western powers and their "New World Order".It’s not enough that the guilty ones not withdraw their army of occupation, but rather new demands are being placed on that country with the full support of our friends, the USA.

The Aegean - Threats - Injuries

The Aegean : air-space violations and threats against the islands of Dodechane and Thrace.In response to this situation, the only political reply can be an actual independent Greek government, no negotiations with Turkey before they withdraw their occupation forces, and the simultaneous preparation of the defence of Cyprus.But in contrast to this, the sell-out governments of New Democracy [conservatives - trans.] yesterday and PASOK [social democrats - trans.] today are preparing a new Davos, together with the maffia of the mass-media. That scoundrel Papandreou is ready to hold talks with Turkey regarding any and all questions. A dialogue in which the criminals have a better position, from which they can threaten to occupy all of Cyprus, and thus they force the victims to sign an agreement in the name of "realism".And as far as the common defence dogma between Greece and Cyprus is concerned, this was just a false alarm designed to ease the minds of clueless PASOK members.

Public Opinion

At this time, we will present a short summary of the results of a survey of Cypriot public opinion, which was carried out by the Cypriot Center for Strategic Studies over the course of 10 years. This research clearly shows the gap between the wishes and the conscience of Greek Cypriots and those of their sold-out politicians, both in Greece and on Cyprus itself. When asked about the remark that the presence of Turkish military forces on Cyprus was a fact as opposed to "not at all" or "not entirely", 67% answered yes in 1992, as opposed to 70% in 1982. When asked if they felt there was a danger that the entire island might one day be occupied, 58% answered yes in 1992, compared to 48% in 1982 !!! When asked about their level of satisfaction with the support given by Greece, 29% replied that they were little or not at all satisfied in 1982, that level rose to 49% after the Davos conference in 1988, and in 1992, 46% were dissatisfied. When asked how a strong defence program would influence our negotiating position with Turkey, 67% replied it would have a significant or sufficient influence in 1992, compared to 63% in 1982.When asked if the state should take more measures to secure our defence, 85% answered yes in 1992, compared to 90% in 1982.And finally, when asked whether the state should make more financial sacrifices to insure our defence, 76% answered yes in 1992, compared to 89% in 1982. We decided to execute O.H. Sivahioglu, one of the most significant cadre in Turkey’s diplomatic corps. As such, and as a member of Turkey’s politico-military machine, whose imperialist politics he represented at the political as well as the diplomatic level, he was partially responsible for the crime of "ethnic cleansing" against the Greek Cypriot community, as well as against the Kurdish people. We will attack other representatives of this politico-military machine, and we will continue to do so until concrete measures are taken by them, at the very least until they cease their criminal practice of "ethnic cleansing" on Cyprus by withdrawing their occupation forces. We send warm and revolutionary greetings to the partisans of the National Liberation Front of Kurdistan, and we would also like to stress that our actions are not directed against the Turkish people, who are our brothers, but rather they are solely directed against the fascist praxis of the Turkish politico-military machine.

Athens - July 4, 1994

Revolutionary Organization November 17

Commando Theofilos Georgiadis

P.S. The Cypriot fighter Theofilos Georgiadis was murdered on March 20, 1994 on the island of Cyprus by members of the Turkish secret police service MIT. He was murdered because he, as a true patriot and internationalist, gave considerable political and material assistance to the struggle of the Kurdish people against fascist Turkish imperialism.

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