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Présentation de l'APAAPA ?
Publiée le 7 avril 2006

- (2004) Quatre de Aachen

- (2003) Six de Barcelone

Call from Bart De Geeter to mobilize for the trial against the 6 of Barcelona

Hi all, Next call is written by Bart De Geeter, from the prison of Düsseldorf, where he sits out his time after his condemnation to 3,5 years in the ’Aachen 4’ trial.

below you’ll find english and german translation



Call to mobilize for the trial against the 6 anarchists arrested in Barcelona in September 2003.

Since September 2003, 4 of the 6 accused anarchists from Barcelona are on remand. Last month the punishments demanded by the prosecutor for the 6 have been made known. Punishments which go till 117 years, for accusations as being part of a terrorist organisation, unlawful possession of weapons and explosives, … . Again, anarchists are standing before court as it was constantly last years and again we have nothing to expect about the possible outcome. I do not want to stand still by the facts which are clear. I do not want to say again what has been said and written already so many times. It is clear that this Europe is united to wipe out every possibility for subversive action, to keep an eye on every brooding nest where revolutionary ideas are still alive, to cast this system of bourgeois self-satisfaction and save it from a future that endangers its existence. The question that poses itself is which dynamic can we develop against all this ? What can we, honestly and within our possibilities and ideas, make move so that they do not have their hands totally free ? What are our priorities in this reality, not only towards the existent, but also towards imprisoned comrades, towards each other, so that we can wake up in the morning and look each other in the eyes with trust, can look forward ? The minimum is complicity in revolutionary solidarity, even I fit is to show our comrades that they are not alone against this state violence. We may not know these comrades, ignore their concrete history and experiences. We can discuss about strategy/tactics and eventually about the trembling word ‘violence’, but does this stands in the way of the expression of solidarity and affection towards anarchists who stand before this power, courts and prisons, our natural enemies ? Solidarity is one of the fundamentals in the active daily struggle of every anarchist. It is what gets us out of isolation, enriches us, and connects the struggles. All too often this responsibility is left to anti-repression groups, while it is a responsibility of all of us. Everyone of us has to familiarize him/herself with the techniques of repression, because tomorrow it is one of you who will be locked up and then you have to know what you can expect from each other. How broader and more diverse the solidarity, how stronger we stand, as well inside as outside of the walls. Think, consult, discuss and act. Blow life in the struggle. It begins with you. In some months will the trial against the 6 begin. After somewhat 3 years they will appear before the “Audiencia Nacional”, the Supreme Court, in Madrid. Now it is the time to prepare, to spread information, to think about what to do. Those who have the chance or the possibility to go to Madrid, make contacts… it is certain that you will be received with open arms by comrades in the South. For all others, let yourself be inspired by the creativity and variety of (direct) actions carried out last years in solidarity with anarchist prisoners. In the end, this is a call to all those who still Carry the anarchist struggle proudly and generously in their hearts. For all those who know that the now doe not wait for the future and that all change demands movement. This is for all who feel themselves concerned with this human struggle for freedom which this Europe wants to declare dead and bury under lock and key. This is a call to a movement that knows to honor its prisoners and realizes that we only have each other and that this is our strength in the face of the state. Let an anarchist storm blow through their castles of justice ! Let them know that their systematic repression will not stop this movement of revolt ! Solidarity wit hall who struggle for freedom and dignity ! Solidarity with the Barcelona 6 ! Solidarity with met Igor, Rafa, Carol, Joaquin, Roger and Teo ! For Anarchy !

Bart De Geeter March 2006 J.VA. Düsseldorf

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